Getting into the care of a skilled nursing facility can be an overwhelming experience. Here at Orchard Park we want to provide you with an effortless outlook on what’s next on your path to recovery. We’ve divided the transition into admission, treatment, and then to your transition home.

Admission (Day 1-7)

Upon admission into Orchard Park you will receive:

  • Therapy Admission assessment
  • Therapy care plan to be confirmed and implemented.
  • Therapy Flow sheet is started, and baseline is established.
  • Admit packet sent to Home Health to establish eventual transition to Home:

1- Home Health to be assigned:

  • Primary Care contacted.
  • Home Evaluation scheduled with Family.

2- Admission follow-up to begin

Treatment (Day 2- Transition to home)

During your Rehab:

  • Specializing Physicians assist with Weekly Therapy Consultations which include:
  • Assess Home evaluation and implementation of needs into care plan.
  • Therapy Team to address and Follow up with you

Updated Flow Sheets sent as needed to:

  1. Discharging / Referring Hospital.
  2. Primary Care Provider.
  3. Specializing Physicians.
  4. Therapy to follow and adjust care plan as needed.
  5. Treatments, visits, consults with patients by Specializing Physicians at Therapy request.

Transition to Home

Your Transition to home starts the day you are admitted. Orchard Park prides itself on helping you succeed with your rehab goals, your transition home is key to that success.

Because Rehab is the focus of your treatment, everything is based on getting you safely home.

1- Home Evaluations and participation in weekly therapy meetings allow Home Health to assume and continue the most current care plan.

2- Continuation of your Care at home is determined and organized by the Transition Team. A safe Transition home is the is the final step in a successful Rehab stay at Orchard Park.

3- Everyone’s in the loop: Your Surgeon and Primary Care Provider review your rehab stay.

Once Home

Home Health / Out Patient Therapy to report to Skilled Facility:

If a need arises and additional care is needed, the assigned Home Health is able to consult with the clinical team at Orchard Park, this direct contact provides a preventative way to avoid an Emergency Room trip.

In addition to clinical care, Home Health assists in preventing acute changes in condition, this is done with weekly follow up reports.