BRENT SORENSEN – Administrator

brentBrent Sorensen is just the type of person you want managing a rehab facility: detailed, personable, and caring. Brent graduated with an exercise science degree from Brigham Young University and was a patient favorite where he worked at a physical therapy clinic in Washington. With a natural compassion for seniors, Brent began his management of rehab facilities in 2014. Almost immediately Brent became known throughout the local healthcare community for being accommodating to both patient needs and the needs of physicians and hospitals. Brent loves coming to work every day and is grateful for the opportunity to help others in times of challenge. Brent lives in Springville with his wife, Jamie, and his two sweet children, Makhi and Kierra.


margieMargie Day is compassionate, caring, experienced, and is the consummate professional. With twenty-three years of nursing excellence under her belt, Margie has nearly seen it all: intensive care units, cardiac labs, radiology for adults and pediatrics, and years of senior rehab. She’s even served as a patient advocate in Utah County for over 11 years. Focused on excellence in quality of care, Margie excels in identifying patient and family needs, then applies her extraordinary problem-solving skills to ensure the best outcomes. Yet, as a leader of nurses she never forgets the human side—and takes particular delight in surprising her staff with home-cooked meals.


cariWe’re lucky to have Cari Whitmore leading our therapy team. Her quiet, steady confidence not only puts patients at ease—but it inspires our entire team of therapists. Cari received her therapy doctorate degree in 2004 and—just 8 years later—was asked to lead our team as Director of Rehab. Highly trained in Neuro IFRAH, Cari applies her rare expertise to all our rehab patients—with a particular focus on those with strokes and traumatic brain injuries. And with years of experience rehabbing total hips, knees, and other orthopedic diagnoses, Cari is that rare combination of real caring and solid know-how.