3 ways your relationships could be killing you

In an environment where the rich and famous are as likely to have a divorce attorney on speed dial as their agent, it seems a celebrity couple is doomed to inevitable failure simply because they are famous, and divorce is a mere casualty of the job.

Yet when one puts aside the glitter and excess, we discover the reasons marriages involving people like Patrick Dempsey, Hilary Duff, Chris Rock and Mariah Carey ended was for surprisingly common reasons; reasons that much of the general population could relate. A multi-million dollar career isn’t above bouts of jealousy, infidelity, insecurity, obsession or depression.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Phil had been teaching tennis to young people for 20 years. Last year, when he started experiencing discomfort in his hands and wrists, a parent of one of his students suggested it could be carpal tunnel syndrome.

Phil had his doubts. He led a very active life. The only injuries he treated had to do with his elbow and legs. “Isn’t that something people get from typing and working on computers all day?”

3 tips for optimal hip surgery recovery

Lloyd discovered hiking in his mid- 50s. For the next 10 years, he enjoyed the daily walks through the cedars behind his house. After a time, Lloyd attributed the initial leg discomfort to simply too much walking, so he shortened his route. But as the pain persisted and increased in severity, Lloyd realized he could no longer enjoy his time outdoors.

3 reasons why drinking too much water is bad for you

Most people have heard you should drink eight glasses of water a day. In fact, hydration is a basic component to healthy living. However multiple studies have found the contrary suggesting your body can’t handle excessive amounts of water.

How to be heart happy

February denotes a month of romance, chocolate, and, of course, all things heart shaped. However, let’s not forget the most important heart shape, the muscular organ inside us all.

What’s up with the green smoothie?

Everywhere I look, the green smoothie has overtaken breakfast. My friends are blending for their kids. Our CEO is drinking one during morning meetings. Random people on the street are walking around with them.

7 healthiest foods for seniors — and the rest of us

According to the World Health Organization, unhealthy diets are among the leading causes of non-communicable diseases including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. As you age, eating can become more of a chore than a fun part of your day.

Thanksgiving party

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving party at Orchard Park Post-Acute Rehab for all of our residents, their families and Orchardpics2011friends, and our staff members. It was a night toremember, and very special for all those who participated. We are so grateful for the chance to celebrate and give thanks for the many things for which we have all been blessed. We at Orchard Park are especially grateful for the chance we have had to meet and care for such wonderful residents and family members.

The feast was a huge success and many residents still talk about the wonderful time
image5they had that night. We would like to give a special thanks essica, our Activities Director, and to Kayla, our Dietary Manager, and her staff for helping to put on such a wonderful meal. We enjoyed savory homemade turkey, garlic mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, fruit jello, and who could forget the delicious pumpkin pie. It was all so delicious! We would also like to recognize and give a special thanks to those volunteers who spent the evening with us and shared their special musical and singing talents.
It was a treat for all of the staff to serve and wait tables for the residents and their family members. We all have such great support and love around us, and hope everyone feels at home and part of the Orchard Park family. Thanks again to all that helped to make this a memorable night and for all those who came and enjoyed it with us. We wish you all a happy holiday season filled with love, peace, and happiness!